In the summer of 2015 with the assistance from Rouge Media, Hershey launched their new line Lancaster Caramels to the Canadian market through place-based indoor murals, mirror/table decal placement & sampling integration.

There were no existing advertising assets as the line was a new launch. Through researching the assets being used in the US market, I felt that the look & feel of Hershey's new product had a country and 'homey' feel. I was inspired by a rustic yet not worn-out wooden table top as the anchor for the whole creative. The typefaces used were existing assets that were created by the US team, it wasn't too modern yet too old-fashioned. The colours that I used were inspired by the caramels and its wrappings, as it carried the warm tones I was trying to achieve. The aerial perspective wasn't in the initial look of the creative, however, it conveyed that country & "homey" feel that carried with the branding. For the mirror/table decals, I felt that it should highlight the swirl of the caramel candy, it still was part of the warm tones & maintained the Hershey Lancaster brand.