A look back to what it was...

A look back to what it was...

It would be easy to say that 2016 was unkind to me... but all I can say is Thank You.  

As the days of 2016 dwindles down... I begin to reflect of what it was and looking forward to what will transpire in 2017. 

2016, what can I say? The year started off on a high with me landing an amazing creative role. And mid-way through the year, it saw me tumble to my ultimate low when I had to say goodbye to my dad for the last time. 

This past year has taught me a lot about myself - as much as I experience incomprehensible pain and shed continuous tears that I didn't think I can rid of - it has made me stronger in the long run. And for that I am thankful. This experience has taught me to value life more and that time with loved ones should be treated more delicately. 

In 2017, I hope to practice the notion of work/life balance because at the end of the day... what is living life without actually living it. 2016, I lost myself in work to forget the pain but as the new year approaches - I am realising that it's not always the smartest choice nor is it a healthy option.

So here are my 2017 Resolutions to better myself in my well-being but also my creative self. 

  1. Rediscovering my love of photography - I've always failed to finish the 365 days project, so instead I'll be doing the 52 Week Photography Challenge, as it concentrates both on the technical aspect and your creativity. 
  2. New Month, New Book - I did this a couple of years back and honestly, it was such a nice getaway - this time around it'll be more challenging now as I no longer take the TTC but it does give me a chance to just pop into a coffee shop and enjoy that couple of hours of simplicity.
  3. Kickboxing Galore - as some of you know I'm back with my trainer, Cole, training 2x a week which is feat but also fun! However, I want to go back to Muay Thai again... so I'm thinking of squeezing a session every couple of  weeks or so (given if time permits). 
  4. Appreciating Fine Arts - this is the one thing I completely miss the most from school - I remember always going to the AGO at least every couple of months just to be inspired. So for 2017, I would love to visit an exhibit once a month, this will eventually will spark my creativity via a new outlet besides graphic design and photography. 

What did you think of your 2016 and what do you look forward in 2017?

'til next time...