What to do on a Toronto winter day?

What to do on a Toronto winter day?

There's really only so much one can do in Toronto on a winter weekend... other than that or I'm not thinking hard enough :P

Toronto is a city full of amazing cuisine but when it comes to touristy things - there's only a handful of stuff you can do in the winter

So, when my out-of-towner friend suggested to go to Toronto Island - first thing I said... "Does the ferry even run?" 

And sure enough - it does but only to Ward's Island as they have residents living there full-time. 

Costing $7/person for a round-trip - the 15 minute ferry ride to Ward's Island is a nice and cheap getaway from the city without really leaving the city. As the ferry started to pull away and I am reminded of how mesmerizing the Toronto skyline is. 

With only the lake dividing the city and the island - it's oddly weird how vastly different the two places are.  And you really do find serenity within the chaos of a metropolitan city. Neighbours greeting each other, people enjoying cross-country skiing and disc golfing (like who knew such thing existed - all the while I thought that the bins were just interesting garbage cans and the island really didn't want any littering).

As we aimlessly walk - it was a nice way to just enjoy what mother nature (minus the cold) had to offer us. It was fun to walk in the undisturbed snow. Enjoy the peace and quiet that lacks living in a city. We approached a couple of lake houses - where it sort of reminded me of Europe. (But reality hit me when I saw the CN Tower in the distance). So if you're bored on a Toronto winter day... hop on the ferry, go to Ward's Island, climb a tree and get an epic profile shot. 

It's a bit annoying that I always need a visitor to remind me that Toronto is not a bad city to call home. So, thank you Toronto for being you :P 

'til next time...