Get in my tummy: Old School

I finally made it! After the 2nd try. 

The one thing Toronto does best at is the brunch scene. And truthfully no city really can compare. Not even New York (and YES I just said it). There's just something about brunch in Toronto and the chefs just knows what's up. 

I've been a huge fan of School,  a brunch hot spot located in the trendy Liberty Village. The 1 hour and a bit wait is totally worth it. And when Brad Moore, the chef from School, opened up Old School - I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. And I truly wasn't.

Located in the up & coming Dundas West foodie neighbourhood - Old School could be summarize as good ol' Americana cuisine. One of the few 24/7 eating joints in the city, it was pretty busy during brunch. And it's one of the few brunch spots where it is able to accommodate a larger crowd. The wait time isn't as insane as School, we arrived there around 10:30 and the wait time for a table for 2 was 20mins. Do-able compared to the 45mins to 1 hour wait at School. 

Their Americana is on point. I decided to get a new item on their menu & I totally forgot the name and it's not on their online menu. So I'll just describe it. It was a fried egg & pulled pork on French toast. And truthfully, it had the best of both worlds, just the right amount of sweet and savoury. I thought I wouldn't finish it but 1 hour later - I finished it like a champ. Sarah ordered the Hogtown BBQ Benny and it looked yums! Who can say no to pulled pork? Like actually. 

If you go to Old School during the brunch peak time, swing around the corner to their bakery for some yummy goodness. And it'll for sure keep your hunger in check until you get your table. 

'til next time...