Down to the South we go...

The story goes like this...

Good friend proposes to his boyfriend. We jump for joy. Receive a NOLA bachelor party invite. Flights were way too expensive. We decided to drive down. It's only 19hours on google map. We had the best times of our lives. The only regret was not spending more time there.

The end. 

Just kidding. 

It's been pretty much a month since this road trip occurred. (Life has been a whirlwind and I've lost track of time. Even as I write this sitting in front of the most gigantic Christmas tree - it's crazy where the time has passed.) Things that just happened a month ago felt like it's been forever. 

To say the least... it's been an emotional roller coaster ride. 

When we got the invite from Pothik about having his bachelor party in New Orleans, I quickly looked up flights. Only to find out that a direct flight would cost about $1k and a stop-over would be just a few hundred dollars less but with a 9hr transit time. The cost of flying down South was ridiculous - it's cheaper to fly to Paris. So, I suggested to the group of driving down. 

Who knew everyone would have agreed... 

Nashville, TN

We started our trip bright and early on Tuesday am (5:30am to be exact) - we got into Nashville around 8pm. Jason was a trooper for pretty much driving majority of the way. We stayed at an Airbnb about 20mins walk from the city core. But we pretty much drove around when we visited some areas. Nashville was a lively place and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I did wish I listened to more live music. The FOOD was on another level... a lot of fried chicken and Southern cuisine. My favourite spot was probably our last meal before we left for New Orleans - at Monell's. It's Southern cooking done right. The set-up was basically family style... as in you share a dinner table with strangers and no phones at the table. I absolutely loved the food and also the experience of meeting people you wouldn't necessarily cross paths with in your lifetime. 

New Orleans, LA

The first time I went to New Orleans was when I was 8. When I was younger every summer after I come back home from a 2 months-stint in the Philippines. My dad would take my mom and I on a week trip... right before school starts. When I was 8, he took us to New Orleans. I absolutely loved the city. It was the city where I had my first bite of Rockefeller oysters, beignets and gumbo. Fast-forward to 2017, it still is one of my top cities that I've visited and I still love everything about the city and it's vibe. We got into NOLA, a day earlier so we booked a hotel in the French Quarters. We had our beignets right in the am and then just roamed around the area before meeting everyone at the house. NOLA does have the reputation for its craziness. We actually got there at a week before Halloween - so Bourbon Street was partying it up. There was also a parade where we grabbed all the free beads we could get. If you're in NOLA, a must thing to do is to Cafe du Monde - and to bypass the long line-up, just go the interior rather finding a seat on the patio. 

The drive coming back from NOLA was 24hours of continuous driving with some pit stops. We left at 4am and arrived in Toronto around 3:30am. Other than that long back drive - I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Bonus... we didn't want to murder each other - instead we actually missed each other. I honestly couldn't have picked a better group to share the long drives. 

'til next time,