I lost track after 25...

I lost track after 25...

Yeah! I know. It's my first blog post of 2017. I sometimes wonder why I even keep a blog but it's probably days like these... when I'm like "I feel like writing and sharing about my random thoughts..."

I won't bore you with stories about work.

So, let me entice you with my life shenanigans.

Next week I'll be celebrating my birthday. I've lost track of how old I'm turning and I sometimes still say I'm 25 and then have to retract my statement. However, I do still get ID'd, so, I've learned to take that as a compliment. I sometimes wonder why people think I'm younger than I am and it's probably due to the fact that I don't act like a 30-something. Ugh, 30-something. It just doesn't have the nice ring to it. 

So... how does it feel to become a year older and hopefully wiser... I've yet to really comprehend that notion because I honestly don't feel any different from when I was 25 to 30. So, I hardly think a year will make a difference except that I'm just a year closer to retirement... 30+ years from now. But I'll admit besides all the grown-up things to do, I find I am enjoying life a bit more. Breathing the cultural air. I mean yes, there's a lot of BS (because you can hardly avoid that) - but you gain more appreciation in your 30s.

Family. Friends. Life. 

I've always had respect and appreciation for my parents for everything they've given and sacrifice for us - but it wasn't until recently that I was able to show them my gratitude. After my dad was diagnosed a couple of years ago, I had shared the news with my mom that I was going to take them on a trip after dad finished his session. Sadly, dad passed away before I was able to take them and discover a new country. Now, I've promised mom that I would do annual trips with her... last year it was to Portugal (which she loved) and who knows where we will be going this year. Mom's choice. It's the time spent with loved ones that is priceless. And you really won't know until they're gone.

Family. Friends. Life.

I have my core friends that have been with me through the thick and thin. And truth, people do drift apart - it's the law of nature. But it's the core you know that'll always be there and nothing will change even if you live in a different city. The friends where you can pick up right up as if you just haven't seen in a week. When I lost my dad last year, I reevaluated my friends and knew that the friends I've let in are still the ones that was there for me through my dark times.

Family. Friends. Life.

Life above all else. We need to enjoy the moments. And yes, we do need to make a living. I've learned that work should not take over your life. Away from time with your family, friends and above yourself. For my new year's resolution, I made it my mission to not overwork myself... and when I knew my body was tired - that I would not push myself. So far, 2017 has been great with the life/work balance. Now... let's see if that continues ;)

So in conclusion...

I joke.

Here's to another birthday... to new horrahs... to new loves... to new discoveries. 

'til next time...