Hitting the reset button

Hitting the reset button

Tada. It's a new layout.

Naturally... it's still monochromatic. 

(So I'll forgive you if you didn't notice the change.)

What's more surprising is that I didn't wait for 6 months to write about it :P 

As many of you know... I get really bored of things. I'm surprised it took me 2 years to update it. But then again... I also have a short attention span. And though I work with a template - making slight tweaks in the backend is a painful process (which I have a love/hate relationship): love because when I tweak the code and it finally looks how I want it to look & hate because it's the process of getting to the end result. 

The idea behind the change is that I wanted to hit the reset button. 

Resetting my creative flow (per se). 

2017 is the year I'm trying to go back to my creative self. The other day I was watching the Netflix series, Abstract: The Art of Design and it made me miss my school days when I was so immersed in art of any media. Why did I stop? I think to myself. The episode featuring Paula Scher (the graphic design guru) was when I was like I need to be like her and continue to find other outlets to keep my creative mind spinning. 

The main reason why I decided to redesign my website was because I want it to act like an outlet for me. Process... projects... collaborations... random thoughts (like right now). 

So here goes...... 

'til next time.