California dreamin' and reuniting...

Two weeks ago, I was in California for work

and during my day off I was able to meet up with Mari after 15+ years of not seeing each other. It's mind boggling that the last time we saw each other was when we were in high school. But it honestly felt like we just didn't see each other a couple of months ago - not years on end! I love these kind of meet-ups... we picked up right where we left off. It's a rarity but it's the kind of friendship you know will last forever. 

I hadn't been in California since I was 16 (obviously that honestly ages me 10-fold) but I remember how much I detested the traffic and... fast-forward to now... yep I still detest it. However, the sunny skies made up for the traffic and it was a nice break from the Toronto winter. 

Through all of my IG posts - Mari knew I love the wall murals - so she took me to the LA Art District and we just walked around... we hit 20,000 steps! Yaaaah!! The weather was also amazing walking around was perfect. 

For lunch she took me to Grand Central Market where we met up with Adam! Adam and I used to work together and we always end up meeting up with each other. The Grand Central Market is the perfect place to have lunch as it has so much choices. Adam and I opted for some El Salvadorian food and Mari had some Mexican. After lunch we walked off the calories we consumed to the Last Bookstore. And WOW! This place - it's honestly awesome! It's a bookstore and a gallery at the same time... I absolutely loved it. 

Afterwards - we said goodbye to Adam and we walked some more... and then headed to the piece of resistance the URBAN LIGHTS at the LACMA! You couldn't get anymore LA than that! We ended the night with a tea-cap (get it! :P) 

Thank you Mari for showing your city and it was so great to see you! Hopefully next time we see each other it's not in 15 years! And Adam - see you on the east coast :)

'til next time...