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To another year...

Charisse AngComment
To another year...

2018. What an interesting year it has been…

I could hardly describe it because I literally blinked and 2018 came and gone. It was a year of retrogrades (where a lot of random shit hit the fan). But it ended it with many positive notes, which I absolutely cannot wait to explore.

So… here goes me and my 2019 list:

  1. Continue to explore my creativity by putting my AGO membership to good use and also visiting local art galleries.

  2. Read more (at least 12 new books), recommendations much appreciated.

  3. Working out on my own aside from training with Cole - get back into kickboxing.

  4. Meal Prep more.

  5. Discover a new hobby.

  6. Sign up for a class.

  7. Declutter.

  8. Get more quality of sleep.

  9. Cook more. Less dining out.

  10. Save more. Spend less.

  11. Overall, enjoy life and smile more.

So here’s to another year full of shenanigans, smiles, kisses, unlimited air miles and hoorahs. 

‘til next time…