Same Same is so passé

Same Same is so passé

I vividly remember my first day of school when I first…

came to Canada. I was picked up by the yellow school bus and it took me to a 1 storey building. The bell rang and I scurried into the unknown hallways. 5 minutes later... I was alone in the hallway. A teacher approached me and started to speak to me in a foreign language and I started to cry and repeated my names several time... until they realised I was on the wrong side. My elementary school had both English and French section. 

For years... I struggled to really fit in. I was living in the suburbs of Windsor, Ontario, I spoke English fluently, and enjoyed eating pizza. I would shop at the same place as my peers and dress like them. While my classmates spoke of pool parties and summer camps - I would spend my summers traveling to a new place. I don't think I ever grasped the idea that being different made me - ME.

Fast-forward to now... I now absolutely feel uncomfortable when I ended up wearing the same thing as a passerby walking down the street. I feel like I've become just like another person on the conveyor belt. It's interesting how during my childhood years - I spent so much energy to belong and now I'm against everything that is mainstream, per se. 

I embrace the vintage shops and one of a kind boutiques because not everyone will shop there. I also look back now and thank my parents for exposing me to the world at a young age. I am the youngest of 3 and I am much younger than my older siblings - so I entirely grew up as an only child. I was allowed to do pretty much everything: camping, overnight hiking, traveling by myself, snowboarding and the list goes on. 

I can't help but think of that little meek 7 year old that never even knew French existed - now I embrace it when I walk along the cobblestones on Rue Ste. Honoré. Taking everything in... 

Being same same is so passé... embrace the uniqueness... embrace you. You are after all the best version of you

'til next time...