In September 2017, I took Mama Ang on a Great French Adventure. 15 days, 6 cities, 5 train rides and 2 road trips later... we discovered the beauty of southern France and it made me fall in love with the country more and more... Marseille was the first city where we discovered... a cute port city with the best array of seafood selection. Lyon was the city I was the most surprised by... probably because it's like Paris except its smaller. I absolutely loved this city and regretted not staying longer. Toulouse is a quaint city full of so much life... we got caught in a street festival where all roads pretty much shut down and you would need to go everywhere by foot. Lourdes is the town of self-reflection - tucked in between the Pyrenees mountains, religious or not - this town is worth a visit in your lifetime, it was my 2nd time visiting this town and honestly it's worth it. Last but not least... Paris, enough said. By far still my favourite city - I've visited Paris 3x in the past 5 years.